Dachshund Rescue of North America
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Adoption Process

  • You must be 21 years of age to adopt from DRNA.
  • There are some areas of the US that are not covered by DRNA for adoption or rescue. Those include the West Coast, the Southwest and most of Canada, excluding Ontario.
STEP 1: Sign in or register for an Applicant account.
STEP 2: Complete a DRNA Adoption Application. The DRNA adoption application is an online application that can be completed and submitted directly to DRNA.
STEP 3: DRNA will conduct vet and reference checks. DRNA will contact your current vet and your three references to obtain information about you (and your family) as potential dachshund pet owners.
STEP 4: DRNA will conduct a home visit. A DRNA representative will schedule a home visit. The home visits can last between 20 minutes to an hour depending on the questions, comments and concerns each party might have.
STEP 5: DRNA will determine which dachshund is right for you. DRNA will search our "inventory" of available dachshunds. Of course we do take into consideration which dachshunds(s) you are interested, but ultimately we will match the dachshund that fits your home and lifestyle. For example, you might really like Oscar Meyer (Foster Dog), but what you might not know is Oscar Meyer is not fond of men, maybe he was abused by a man. We would not place Oscar Meyer in a home full of men and one woman.
STEP 6: Adoption contract is completed. Once the right dachshund is ready to join your family a DRNA representative will go over the adoption contract and both you and DRNA will sign the adoption contract.
STEP 7: Adoption Fee is paid. Our Adoption Fees are as follows:

Below 1 year $350.00 USD
1 - 7 years $275.00 USD
8+ years $150.00 USD
Board approved medical condition $150.00 USD
STEP 8: DRNA will help coordinate transportation of your new family member to his/her forever home. The length of time it will take to transport your new family member will depend on where the dachshund is located and where you are located. Adopters are expected to drive at least one leg of the transport unless there are extenuating circumstances. DRNA tries to keep dachshunds close to their foster homes to minimize the stress on the dog that comes with transporting and to utilize transport resources wisely.