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Janie needs a major surgery to live comfortably Tag #12463
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Note: All donations will go directly to this dog's medical care.

Story submitted 2018-05-02
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Janie was found lying in a stranger’s driveway with mange and a yeast infection on her skin, as well as a bad limp that no one seemed to care about.

The only care that the homeowner had was having animal control take her away. Luckily for Janie, animal control never showed but two angels did.

Seeing Janie in this sad and terrible condition, the ladies had to do something. With no real plan, but a need to get her help, they scooped Janie up off the pavement and took her to the vet. These ladies had no idea that it would take a village to get Janie the help she needs now.

Mange and yeast are easily treatable but Legg-Perthis isn’t. That is what the limp turned out to be.

Life of pain, life with three legs (amputation) or FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy)? DRNA became her rescue and decided FHO!

What is Legg-Perthis? That's where the blood vessels don't form in the ball of the femur causing the ball portion to die. Because it is dying , it is no longer ball shaped and has worn the socket into a v shape. Janie will need FHO surgery. This surgery will remove the ball of her femur but no worries because the muscles and tendons will still support her leg so she can live comfortably.

Janie’s village grows…...

Thanks to SWATT, Janie was transported on Southwest airlines to Maryland where DRNA’s veterinarian was on standby to get her into surgery.

And finally, to find a foster mom to help her through the surgery. Lucky for Janie, one stepped up and welcomed her with open arms.
DRNA is so blessed to have great fosters, adopters and supporters. Janie's journey to DRNA was such an amazing example of how so many people can help one little dog.
Her surgery was yesterday and she is doing well.

Now to you our extended villagers, if you can donate a couple of dollars toward her vet care, you can be the final link in her rescue. Without our village, we can’t do this.

More pics and updates to follow...

Janie just prior to surgeryJanie shortly after being taken from the drivewayJanie after surgery with her foster brother watching over herJanieFHO scar