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Dorothy Needs Our Help for Eye Surgery Tag #12339
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Note: All donations will go directly to this dog's medical care.

Story submitted 2018-01-17
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LATEST UPDATE: Great news, Dorothy had her painful Glaucoma eye removed, was spayed and had a dental just this past Friday. The vet did a wonderful job and Dorothy pulled through like a champ. The next morning she was alert, wanted to go outdoors and was starved! She is being watched over by some very caring people who work for her foster mom and most especially by a very concerned chocolate Chesapeake who has been keeping a loving eye on her to make sure she is okay. Thank you again for your generous donations toward these surgeries. As soon as she has time to recuperate she will be ready to go to her forever home. BE SURE TO CHECK OUT HER LATEST PICS SHE IS MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN EVER! And importantly she is finally pain free.

UPDATE: Thank you for your generosity, Dorothy donors! Her eye surgery, spay and possible dental are scheduled for Friday, February 2. The pain medication has helped her already and the removal of her eye will leave her pain free and ultimately ready for her forever home. Your continuing financial support is greatly appreciated. No amount is too small or insignificant and Dorothy will always be grateful to you as will all of us at DRNA.

Dorothy and her two younger companions, Roscoe and Penny, recently lost their human mom. who apparently had been trying to re-home her many dachshunds perhaps in anticipation of her death, who knows? But when she passed there was no one to care for these poor dears and their living conditions were sordid. The night DRNA found out about their plight they had been pulled from a house where they had no food, no water and no warmth (the fire had gone out) and were literally in a box outside with some blankets. Apparently one of the existing dogs had not been friendly to them. After talking to us about the freezing temperatures she hatched a plan to keep them in her bathroom and even gave them baths and put sweaters on them. They were very grateful. The next morning DRNA picked them up. We discovered that Dorothy has had very painful glaucoma in that bulging eye of hers for some time which has caused excruciating pain, but she was so stoic maybe nobody noticed. Anyway, the eye needs to be removed and then she will be pain free and able to use her one good eye to see. We do not know how she is going to adjust to life without her (possible) kids as the vet told us when they got picked up before her Dorothy became very agitated..the two younger dachshunds are clearly bonded and are in foster care together. It would be wonderful if they could all go together but we know three dogs are a WHOPPING adoption project! If we can rid Dorothy of her pain and get her spayed at the same time (and perhaps have a dental done) we will see how much better she feels. Her foster mom said that she barked being alone her first night but that she insisted on being picked up the first morning and did seem to be a bit of a drama queen! Surgeries are costly so no amount you donate will be too small or will go unappreciated. Dorothy deserves a chance at happiness and comfort and we are determined to give it to her. Woof and Dorothy loves you already! We will provide updates and more pics as her story unfolds. She is now available on our website...please visit her there to read her story again, and to get updates...she is a sweet beauty!