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Hurricane Harvey TX Rescued Honey Needs Our Help Tag #12356
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Note: All donations will go directly to this dog's medical care.

Story submitted 2017-09-20
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Once upon a time there was a beautiful little red dachshund named Honey, but her owner dumped her in a TX sanctuary with a litter of puppies right before Hurricane Harvey hit. Her comment was that she "let Honey run the streets because that's what she wanted to do," but she threw her in the ditch and got rid of her because she kept having puppies. Guess the word "spay" never entered the owner's mind. Poor Honey came in not only with a litter of puppies but also with heart worm disease. When the hurricane came and she was evacuated from the shelter that's when her luck finally changed and DRNA came to her rescue. That life on the streets must have toughened Honey up and made her learn, sadly, to defend herself, because her foster mom says she is okay with bigger dogs but is not always kind to smaller dogs. We do not think for a moment the fault is hers and we will find her a good home but first she has go undergo heart worm treatment which as you know is not without danger or expense. Any amount you can donate will help us help Honey more than you know. She is quite a girl. Foster Mom says she has two speeds, Queen of Chill and Wide Open Crazy. Queen Open Chill Honey does to lounge on the couch with Foster Mom. Wide Open Crazy Honey runs around and around, jumps up, grabs her leash and plays tug of war, barks...what a character! And you know she is supposed to stay super quiet for her heart worm treatment. Honey loves going on waLks, she loves sleeping with Foster Mom at night, she loves having her back scratched, and she loves that you have decided not only to open your heart but also your wallet...to help us help her. A big ole' woof from Honey...her street roaming breeding days are over and her good forever life will begin after her heart worm treatment is complete. Thank you!

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