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Daisy & Duke need help with painful cracked teeth Tag #12316
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Note: All donations will go directly to this dog's medical care.

Story submitted 2017-07-21
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The story of Daisy and Duke began in Texas where their owner was diagnosed with dementia and placed into a nursing facility. Then the family kept the dogs crated in a travel kennel for 22 hours a day for over a month in a vacant house. How confused and scared these two dogs must have been by this terrible turn of events. It’s a good thing they had each other to draw comfort from. A Good Samaritan learned of their plight and was able to get them from the family and contact a rescue group in Texas. They were fostered there, and blossomed, and transported to Maryland. In spite of their past situation, the twins are very happy, sweet and lovable. They are very bonded and don’t do anything or go anywhere without each other. Duke is the leader and Daisy follows his lead. Daisy doesn't do too much without her brother. Duke always looks for her and will get nervous if she isn't around and he will go look for her. These two seniors are so worthy of our help. Any amount you can contribute toward their surgeries would be so appreciated. Thank you!

Daisy and Duke