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Note: All donations will go directly to this dog's medical care.

Story submitted 2017-01-15
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Update 2/28/17
Gordy is almost finished re-hab and will be ready for his new home really soon. He has done so amazing and is such a sweet boy. I can't wait to see what the future holds for him! Thanks to all of you that donated.

That's the word that is used for Gordy!
The surgeon said Gordy was doing remarkable the following day after surgery.
The rehab veterinarian said Gordy was doing remarkable 7 days after surgery.
We would not hear this word if it weren't for DRNA and the donations given.
Gordy has gone from standing and trying to walk to walking for a few minutes.
When Gordy falls down from his weak leg and hip, he waits a couple of seconds
then gets up. Gordy is a fighter! Even with the pain he has, he still tries.
We still have a ways to go and will be starting his rehab next week.
We still need funds to pay for the expensive surgery.
How about buying Gordy a cup of "Remarkable" coffee by donating to his Dachshund Rescue account.

UPDATE 1/19/17- Gordy's surgery seems to have went pretty well. His injury was even worse than initially thought. His fractured pelvis was putting pressure on his nerves and scrotum. Amazes me what a happy and sweet boy he was despite the pain he must have been in every second.

Gordy was left in a ditch after being hit by a car. With what we thought was just a broken leg is so much more!
Turns out that Gordy will need an expensive surgery to get him back to a pain free and happy life.
The phrase, “Gordy is broken”, rings over and over in my head. Those are the words that our local vet and Veterinary specialist have said. You can feel the bones moving when you lift him and set him down. Gordy can have a normal life as a tripod (3 legged dog) but we need your help. No six month old puppy should have to start his life this way but you help change that for him.
Both of Gordy’s pelvis are broken with no sensation in his right leg. Gordy will have to have his right leg amputated and his pelvis will have to have a special procedure called an FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy). Basically it’s removing the ball from the top of the long leg bone.
Despite of his injuries, Gordy tries to please, he still gives kisses and tries to move himself around by dragging himself and trying to lift himself with left leg. You can tell it’s uncomfortable for him but he tries. The surgery will cost about $3000.
Thanks to a Good Samaritan, Gordy has made his way to Dachshund Rescue of North America. With everyone’s help, we can get him the surgeries he needs and a forever family in the end.
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