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Story submitted 2005-01-15
My husband, Peter, and I adopted Cocolalla Luna Corona Lane Kaynor in December, 2004, and are still amazed at her sweet personality. She had been a puppy mill dog who was rescued, but then given to DRNA because of a divorce. A wonderful group of DRNA volunteers fostered her, organized travel, and brought her from Ohio to Maine to her forever home with us.

To explain her name: She had the name "CoCo" with DRNA, so we made her first name Cocolalla which is a town in Idaho we visited and enjoyed. It means "Cool Water". Luna is the goddess of the moon. Corona is the ring around the moon and Latin for garland or wreath, but we really chose it because we wanted to name her after a special dachshund name Corinna. Because Corona is similar to CoCo, she started responding to it immediately. Lane is my maiden name, and Kaynor is our family last name. We rented our community bulletin board exclaiming, "IT�S A GIRL! WELCOME TO THE FAMILY COCOLALLA LUNA CORONA LANE KAYNOR". As expected, the news spread like wildfire in our small town and people called my parents to ask them about their grandchild. It was hysterical!

Corona fit into our family amazingly well. She has five doggie brothers who cuddle with her and treat her like she has been here for years. She has one dachshund brother who was adopted from the Dallas/Fort Worth Dachshund Rescue. We were a little concerned about how Nigel would feel having another small dog in the house given his big doxie attitude and obvious spoiled life with us . . . but Nigel and Corona are great together! They cuddle and ride together in the car. They are so cute sleeping against each other. The photo of the two of them was our Christmas card. Her other doggie brothers are two lab mixes, Forrest and Thor, and two labradors, Mousse and Trover. They were so great at letting her fit into the pack. They are all pictured on our bed at our camp. No, they are not spoiled . . . yeah, right! Corona also has four cat siblings. I don�t think she even notices them except for her cat brother Linus who rubs on her almost daily.

Equally cute is the relationship between Corona and her Daddy, Pete. She loves me, but she is definitely Daddy�s Girl. She practically turns inside out wagging her tail when he speaks to her. And the feeling is mutual . . . he�s always commenting on what a doll she is.

Thank you, DRNA for making it possible for us to adopt this special dog.

Sandy & Peter Kaynor
Peru, Maine