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Sam and Maggie- bonded senior pair Tag #13030
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Note: All donations will go directly to this dog's medical care.

Story submitted 2022-05-27
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PUPDATE 6/24/22
Maggie and Sam both had their dentals with multiple extractions. Maggie only has about 6 teeth left. Both have multiple intestinal parasites and they are currently taking medications to clear that up. We will retest their fecal in a few weeks. Sam has had continued vet appointments and medications for his ear and skin infections. His ears are looking great and after getting an injection for allergies, his skin is finally clearing up. At this point, DRNA has spent about $1280 on their care.
PUPDATE 5/24/22- Maggie the Boston arrived with such a severe infection from her mouth that teeth just started falling out once she started antibiotics. She will have her dental next week. Sam the doxie is on 4 medications including steroids for his ear and skin infections. He will have his dental end of June once his meds are completed. Thanks to all that donated and continue to support DRNA in so many ways.
Sam and Maggie lost the only home they ever knew when their owner died. The family was frantic to find them rescue where they could stay together as a bonded pair. Sam the doxie really needs Maggie for emotional support. DRNA stepped in to give them a soft place to land and find them their retirement home. Both pups need a dental with extractions and Sam has some skin issues that we are trying to resolve. Sam also arrived with a severe double ear infection. We expect the vet bills to reach about $1000 for this duo. If you would like to donate, please use the link. They are also available for adoption as a pair.