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Jax with the broken leg Tag #12797
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Note: All donations will go directly to this dog's medical care.

Story submitted 2019-10-11
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Local emergency vet contacted us about Jax. His right rear leg was broken and his owner could not afford to have it repaired. Owner was not sure how it happened, but it appears he was hit by a car. The emergency vet felt he was young enough and in good enough shape to have the leg repaired so asked us to help him. His owner agreed that we were his only hope of living a normal life so surrendered him to us. He is such a nice dog and loves everyone. He is scheduled for surgery on October 15 and surgeon is going to try and save the leg. The surgery will cost $2,300. So we are hoping to get donations from our faithful supporters. Updates on his progress will be reported.

UPDATE 10/16/19 - Jax had surgery on 10/15/19 to repair his leg. When he was picked up today the staff had him in front office and he was following everyone around. He had not tried to walk previously. See new picture from today. He will need cast changes on Saturday and then again on Tuesday. We are very excited about his progress and thank everyone for your continued support. He has a way to go yet but we are all encouraged.

UPDATE 11/2/19 - He is thriving. He still has a way to go but there is no infection and he is progressing pretty much as expected. We may be looking at some physical therapy so donations are still appreciated. Thanks to all who have helped him. Without you he would not be here.

Jax at ERJax getting x-rayLook at this face!After surgery only two weeks of thisOne day after surgery.  Feeling better.Progress as of 11/2/19