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Sadly Bo and Poe tested positive for heartworms Tag #12709
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Note: All donations will go directly to this dog's medical care.

Story submitted 2019-06-20
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Don’t get me wrong these boys had each other and their momma’s love. The boys loved playing outside with their toys and each other. Didn’t know mosquitos were bad when they stung them. They just scratched and continued playing. Life just seemed perfect. Parvo surviving warriors! What else could go wrong? Well a lot has gone wrong. Momma got sick and asked DRNA to save her babies before she crosses the rainbow bridge. Its momma’s dying wish. While momma was trying to find help to save them, they got tested like her too. They got heartworm tests and they came back positive. Now they really need help. Like momma they need heart treatment. Please help Dachshund Rescue of North America help them. Heartworm treatment will be costly as well as hard on them. Any donation amount will help, nothing is too small. We want their momma to be at peace knowing they are being taken care of and have a new place to call home. We also need those reading this that it is very important to have your fur baby on a monthly heart prevention to avoid this deadly disease. It’s affordable and easy to prevent.