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Logan & Hayley-.bonded senior pair in need of help Tag #11534
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Note: All donations will go directly to this dog's medical care.

Story submitted 2019-04-22
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Senior dachshunds Logan and Hayley were rescued from a terrible environment in very poor health. Shelter staff thought that maybe Logan would only be able to receive hospice care and did not know if he was strong enough to even leave the shelter. Having left their neglectful home, the pair found themselves in a large noisy and scary shelter where they were at risk of catching infections such as kennel cough due to their weak conditions. DRNA was called to see if they would consider taking the pair as DRNA was well known for being willing to take older and ill dachshunds that other rescues often refused since they may not ever be adoptable. DRNA made room for the pair and had them out of the shelter and into a foster home within days of the call for help. Veterinary visits revealed that both dogs needed dentals and would likely lose most or all of their rotten teeth, Logan had a thyroid deficiency and had lost most of his coat because of the longstanding condition, and Hayley had a significant heart murmur that would need special consideration during anesthesia for her dental. While Logan and Hayley gain weight and strength before they can have their awful teeth removed, DRNA is seeking the support of friends and adopters to contribute toward the dental and medical care of this bonded pair who have been through so much together. Please consider helping Logan and Hayley.

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