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Meet Jake. He is 154 years old. Tag #12677
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Note: All donations will go directly to this dog's medical care.

Story submitted 2019-02-28
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Update 3/8/2019:

Jake was neutered today and had light dental which should benefit his heart. He was not happy to be left in a cage after waking up from surgery but soon as he got home he relaxed. Hoping this has added quality time to his life. He is such an amazing dog.

Say hi to Jake. In people years he is 22 years old but in dog years, he is 154 years old. People are guessing his age from a picture found with his owner taken with him in 1997.

His owner was homeless and he and Jake lived in a shed of someone that took pity on them. Jake’s dad recently passed away. The owner of shed kept him for a couple of weeks. But he is unable to afford vet care for Jake.

And Jake is in need of vet care. He has a grade 3 heart murmur, is heartworm positive, and he is intact. His eyesight is poor and he appears to be deaf. His weight is good.

And Jake is a happy and curious fellow. He’s been doing well in his foster home. He is getting used to a soft bed. And his foster mom says he is a good dog.

Please consider donating so that DRNA can get Jake to a healthy place and ready for his furever home.