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Dooie is a tiny lil guy with a big heart Tag #12487
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Note: All donations will go directly to this dog's medical care.

Story submitted 2018-12-10
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It's a another day of rescue, another call for a doxie in need. This one makes you cry. A vet calls to say "We have a dachshund that is 10 yrs old, brought in today by a neighbor. He's in bad shape. White blood count is like 42,000 and poor baby has a hole in back leg/hip/buttock area. Emaciated. Very sick. Can you help?"
How can we NOT help??? Once the so-called owner signed surrender forms, we went to work with the help of this amazing veterinarian. Dooie was septic due to an infected wound from a dog bite that exposed muscle and was full of worms. He was severely dehydrated , starved and only a few hours from death. He has made progress but still has a long road. He will need repeat labs, continued wound treatment, medications, and when he is feeling better , a neuter and dental. Dooie is 6lbs of sweetness. Keep in mind, he is supposed to be about 13lbs. He will be spending the holidays getting fat. (No more being starved). Some information we have about his backstory: Dooie was living outside with a few large dogs in a makeshift dog house with a heat lamp that wasn't large enough for all of them. He was unable to actually make it into the warmth or cover of the dog house, nor fend for himself to get food against the larger dogs. He has been though so much but is still an amazing little guy! Those days are over for him!

If you would like to contribute to his medical care, please click the link on his page. Updates to follow

Dooie feeling better after some restHis open woundPoor guy is skin and bones