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An old girl gets a chance for a new life.... Tag #12609
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Story submitted 2018-10-24
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Pippa, an approximately 10-year-old female black and tan doxie, found herself looking for rescue this week when her owner was unexpectedly deployed. Records showed she was last seen in 2015 by a vet in Texas and reported to have heartworms. There was no record of her having been treated for them. Add to that a large fatty lipoma on her chest that touched the ground, grade 3 dental disease and a girl at least 10 lbs. overweight, her future did not look good. But these dogs are often full of surprises. Vet visit showed she does not have heartworms, her heart is strong with no indication of a murmur and she is a good candidate for dental and removal of a fatty lipoma on her chest. Her new diet and exercise program has begun and she is scheduled for surgery on November 8. She is such an amazing dog, excited to say “hello” to anyone she meets, loves to be cuddled and is VERY low maintenance

Pippa1Pippa2Pippa3Pippa loves car rides