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A real Cinderella Story... Tag #12608
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Note: All donations will go directly to this dog's medical care.

Story submitted 2018-10-21
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She was reported to a local shelter that she was underneath a car. And she could not be coaxed out. She bit her rescuer. Her nails had grown into the pads of her feet. Once in a safe place she began to come around but still could only urinate a few drops at a time. X-rays showed that her little bladder was full of stones. Fortunately within a few days she could be scheduled for surgery and stones were removed. It's been almost a week now and she is coming around. And it turns out she is a spunky tweenie. She is 4-5 years old and a long haired dachshund. She obviously was shamelessly neglected. Check back for updates as she transforms from the pitiful little creature to the Cinderella we see inside! Please consider donating to help us cover the cost of her surgery. Thank you.

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