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Abby #12955

Dog Information
Color: Red Coat: Smooth
Pattern: Dapple Gender: Female
Size: Tweenie Weight: 14 lbs
Age: 11 Years Category: Senior
Special needs dog? No Sanctuary dog? No
Spayed / Neutered? Yes State: VA
Added: 2022-07-21
In Process

Meet Abby, the youngest 11 year old you will ever meet . And so friendly and affectionate, she gives everyone she meets kisses including every adult in a waiting room at the Vet. She came into rescue with Fat Boy when their owner was unable to give them the care and attention they needed. These are very nice dogs and have been well cared for. Abby is housetrained with access to a doggie door and will even go out in the rain. She wants to sleep in the big bed, but in her foster home she sleeps in a gated kitchen. But I would trust her not to get into mischief and have full access to a home. Another great thing about Abby is she actually plays with toys, not focused on rip them open to kill the squeaker. We observed Abby shying away from children and her former owner says “Abby would be fine in a calm household with an older calm kid but not small ones pulling and grabbing. She prefers men, she always went to her husband first
Abby gets along with all the other dachshunds both male and female in her foster home. She would like to get a forever home with her buddy Fat Boy, but they are not bonded so can be separated. But she will need another active dachshund or 2 in her new home to play. A fenced in yard is a must as she likes to be outside exploring, chasing squirrels and sunbathing. Abby is a very long dachshund so going up and down steps should be kept to a minimum. Therefore, she would need to be carried if there are more than a few steps in her home. Also, Abby like most dachshunds sound the alarm (barks) when she hears a noise, so not a good fit for an apartment, townhouse, or condo.

Vetting Information
  • Heartworm Tested (2022-06-29)
  • Fecal Tested (2022-06-29)
  • Rabies (2022-06-29)
  • Distemper Combo - NO Lepto (2022-06-29)
Other Things To Know About This Dog
  • Must have fenced yard

Want to know more about Abby? Email DRNA representative at wright.judy2@gmail.com