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Lady - no fee for 60+ adopter #12889
Dog Information
Color: Other Coat: Smooth Special needs dog? No
Pattern: None Gender: Female Sanctuary dog? No
Size: Miniature Weight: 6 lbs Spayed/Neutered? Yes
Age: 9 Years Category: Senior
State: MD - View more in MD
Added: 2020-11-11
Adopted 2020-11-28

Sweet Lady takes awhile to warm up to new people, but once she decides you can be trusted, she is your loyal little sidekick. She was given up by a breeder so she wasn't well-socialized. Anyone who is considering adopting her, should have experience helping fearful dogs to trust and be willing to very patiently put in the time needed to help her. Also, experience with the Chihuahua breed is essential. She is not a dog who you can leash walk at this time and may never be. She is also not crate-trained so someone home more than not would be best. To her the world outside of her comfort zone is a scary place. She is very clever and will study other dogs in the house to figure out what is happening. Any other dogs in the house should be laid back. She is very sensitive to noises and startles easily, so it's important that she is in a quiet, peaceful home with a secure fenced in yard. As her confidence grows, she is turning into a cheeky little thing that likes to steal dirty laundry or little treasures from the garbage can when she can, and doggie gates need to be secured or she'll just push them out of the way of she wants to hang out with you, but that is the extent of her mischievousness. She is such a well behaved girl, if you have to tell her to stop doing something, she listens right away and she loves to be told in a happy voice what a good girl she is. Lady unashamedly decides on a favorite person and is most confident and relaxed when that person is around. A big kennel with lots of blankets to burrow in is her safe space at first, but once she's decided she can trust you, your lap will be her favorite place to be.

She is about 80% potty trained. When she is enclosed in a room with a puppy pad she uses the puppy pad almost every time. However, if she is given too much freedom she may have a little accident. She's only just getting comfortable going outside, but has started to figure out that she can go potty out there too. She is so smart and very quick to learn new things, so I don't think it will be difficult to get to 100% potty trained once she's settled in her permanent home. While she isn't very food motivated, she loves to be told in a happy voice what a good girl she is.

Even though she is a little older, there is something very puppy-like about her as she explores the world, learns boundaries, and gets into things she shouldn't because she just doesn't know any better yet. She is such a great little dog, I am already jealous of the lucky person who adopts her.

For Lady, we are looking for a local adoption to facilitate a home visit. She needs a quiet all-adult breed savvy home with a friendly laid back small senior dog and a securely fenced yard. ***Applicants must be willing to drive to Ellicott City, Maryland to meet and adopt Lady.****

Vetting Information
• Heartworm Tested 2020-09-16
• Rabies 2020-09-16
• Distemper Combo - NO Lepto 2020-09-16
• Exam 2020-09-16
• Bordetella 2020-09-16
• Fecal Tested 2020-10-14
Other Things To Know About This Dog
• Must be adopted within 50 miles of Ellicott City, Maryland
• Must have fenced yard
• Needs dog buddy
• No cats
• No children
• No large dogs
• Quiet home needed

Want to know more about Lady - no fee for 60+ adopter? Email DRNA representative at ann.donnawell@drna.org