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Abigail - no fee for 60+ adopter! #12601
Dog Information
Color: Red Coat: Smooth Special needs dog? No
Pattern: Dapple Gender: Female Sanctuary dog? No
Size: Miniature Weight: 9 lbs Spayed/Neutered? Yes
Age: 14 Years Category: Senior
State: VA - View more in VA
Added: 2018-06-12
Adopted 2018-11-23

What a year I have had! It all started when I was picked up by Animal Control with my sister for the 4th
time after being found wandering the streets. We were then taken into dachshund rescue, adopted by a
wonderful woman and I thought I had found my happily ever after home. Sadly then my sister passed
away from kidney failure in November and then my adopter got really sick. When she could no longer care
for me my former foster came to collect me and fly me back to Va Bch (Yes, I got to fly on a plane cross
county and I did great ). So I am once again trying to find my forever home and loving family.
Abigail is blind, born with a micro eye on her right side and no vision in her other eye. But this little girl
can get around fine once she learns the layout of a room and where things are at. She is also mostly
deaf; she can hear some sound but has trouble finding where it is coming from. Even with all her
disabilities, Abi is still all dachshund, she knows what she wants and can be stubborn at times. She can
follow her nose and go on an adventure, tell you when it is dinner time and when you forgot her night time
treat. Her ideal adopter is one that is home most of the time or one that can take her to work with
them. She loves going out on an adventure in a carry bag whether it is for a walk, shopping or out to eat.
Just be prepared to share a bite of your dinner because that little nose works just fine. And adventures
out and about making her day as they are filled with all sorts of new smells. She hasn’t shown any
interest in any of the dachshunds in her foster home but had a very close relationship with her sister
who had been her eyes. So as long as she isn’t left totally lone for long periods she is fine as an only
dog. A fenced in yard would be nice as she does love following her nose and wandering around. She
needs to be taken go out when she wakes up but is piddle pad trained if one is placed near her bed
where she can find it. At night she was sleeping in her bed, but sometimes now sleeps by her fosters
head, curled up in her blanket. No children as she moves slowly and can’t get out of the way of little feet
so could get hurt.
So if you are looking for a “purse puppy” and companion to pick up and take with you when out and
about please consider Abigail. She is a little slow to warm up as her mind is working out her new
environment but once settled, is just an adorable little girl.

*Mileage restriction will be waived if approved adopter is willing to travel to Virginia Bech to pick her up.

Vetting Information
• Distemper Combo - NO Lepto (3 year) 2017-03-21
• Rabies (3 year) 2018-03-30
• Heartworm Tested 2018-04-06
Other Things To Know About This Dog
• Must be adopted within 100 miles of Virginia Beach, VA*
• Must have fenced yard
• No small children
• Quiet home needed

Want to know more about Abigail - no fee for 60+ adopter!? Email foster family at wright.judy2@gmail.com