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Bella deserved more.... Tag #12481
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Note: All donations will go directly to this dog's medical care.

Story submitted 2018-06-14
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UPDATE 7/17/18-Bella is feeling much better since being on her Cushing's medications. She has been getting medicated baths as well. Thanks to all of you that donated to her care. I updated some pics!

Bella deserved more than what her owners were giving her. She was turned over after they decided that she wasn't worth their time and money. Bella came to DRNA with obvious medical issues. After some testing, we confirmed our suspicions, she has Cushing's disease. She will need ongoing medication, a special diet food, and repeated testing to get her body feeling better. She is such a sweet soul and never complains. She has arthritis in her legs and skin infections, no complaints. She had severe dental disease, not a whine or cry. We had her infected teeth pulled and the remaining teeth cleaned. She just rolls with the punches and keeps on going. If you would like to donate towards her care, click on the link. The dental, blood test for Cushings, medications and her special food ran us about $600.

trying to napEnjoying her medicated bathsLoving her new bedpretty girl feeling better with her medsBella enjoying her car ridesawwww so sweet