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Herschel Hurricane Harvey Survivor Needs Our Help Tag #12357
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Note: All donations will go directly to this dog's medical care.

Story submitted 2017-09-28
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My name is Herschel and Foster Mom asked if I would mind writing this story to see if I could find some more DRNA Good Samaritans who might be able to donate toward my heart worm treatment which they tell me is expensive and not without risk but totally necessary to save my life. DRNA pulled me from a TX sanctuary that was evacuated due to Hurricane Harvey and let me tell you something that place was a mess, and I was grateful to get out of Dodge if you know what I mean. I hear Foster Mom and the vet talking about these godawful worms who try to wrap themselves around my heart and it makes me super uncomfortable but I trust the DRNA folks to do right by me and kill those suckers off. But it is apparently critical that they keep me still. I am trying not to complain about being crated because I believe them when they say it is for my own good, but Geez Louise I want to get out and roar around and play with Foster Mom and Dad's two cats, a crotchety 15 year old doxie with whom I have managed to make friends, children, husband, neighbors, neighbors' dogs...bring 'em on I am fine with everyone! I must not have had much food in quite awhile because they say I can vacuum up my meal in less than a minute and that I need to slow down...but once you have known hunger it kind of stays with you, you know? If I could get out of this crate I would jump on every piece of furniture, says Foster Mom. And I am not intimidated by other dogs in the dog park, either. And I love car rides! She does think I may be a bit hard of hearing, though. When Foster Mom gets home all I want to do is be on my special chair and sleep and I sleep HARD. Nothing rouses me. So anyway, no amount of a donation is too small to help my heart worm fund, and I will love you forever and ever. Thanks you DRNA for rescuing me and treating this really yucky disease and thanks to each of you generous kind hearted people who are willing to open not only your hearts but your wallets to help me get well. Woof and I love you!