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Note: All donations will go directly to this dog's medical care.

Story submitted 2017-07-12
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Bruno Mars was the most pitiful looking senior dachshund imaginable...skin and bones, depressed attitude, not aggressive at all and sweet but just not seeming much like life was worth living. DRNA stepped up to the plate and committed to take him immediately but we had to wait until the stray hold was up. Meanwhile the shelter started feeding him and put him on antibiotic. The day we sprung him loose from the shelter he was already turning into a different boy. See the before and after pictures. He is now smiling and hopeful and what he needs is help from you to cover his dental expenses as well as other needs such as getting his skin to healthy as befits a rockstar. When we saw that Bruno Mars had left the building (the shelter) our hearts sang. He is a character, full of life and love, wanting to find his forever home and rock on. We estimate that he is 9 to 10 years old, has a strong heart and lungs and once his mouth is cleaned up he is going to be the rockstar he was always intended to be. We believe in Bruno Mars and are grateful for the chance to change his life forever for the better. Thank you in advance for helping DRNA help him.

This is the before picture...PITIFUL EMACIATED BOYHere is his first freedom picture...canBruno Mars with his DRNA savior...let the good times rollBruno Mars with another friend looking like...a rockstar!