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TJ was rescued from years of neglect Tag #12284
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Note: All donations will go directly to this dog's medical care.

Story submitted 2017-07-03
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TJ is estimated to be 9-10 yrs old. He came from a hoarding situation where over 50 other cats and dogs were living in deplorable conditions. DRNA stepped up to help this boy. He had severe dental disease (teeth falling out) and two very large tumors on his back and belly.
TJ is recovering nicely from two hours of surgery on June 28th. He had ten teeth pulled because they were rotting due to improper care. A very visible hernia was also taken care of and stitched back up. A benign growth was removed from his back, which has left him with a four-inch healing incision.
Once TJ is feeling better he will start treatment for heartworms. TJ has been through a lot in the last month but he is a trooper and seems to be doing just fine, considering.
This guy is the coolest. Based on his condition when rescued, it had probably been years , if ever, since he had been to a vet. He’s dealing with a long list of medical challenges, which are being taken care of by DRNA and his wonderful foster dad. You wouldn’t know that to meet him though, TJ is the sweetest boy.
Despite the PTSD he must surely be dealing with, he’s a go-with-the-flow kind of guy and has acclimated beautifully into his foster home. He’s had no accidents in the house, walks right next to me on lead, and sleeps through the night in his crate. Based on the fact that he’s always surprised to see me, I’d say he’s about 90% deaf, but that has its advantages (as he naps away while my dog is barking non-stop at the mailman).
Other dogs: can’t wait to say hi
People: loves them all
Mealtime: scarfs it!
Couch: his best friend
If you would like to donate towards TJ's medical fund, please click on his link. Thank you!