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Blind and Diabetic But Rescued in the Nick of Time Tag #12161
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Story submitted 2017-03-08
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I am Maggie but my human DRNA servants call me Margaret. I told them I had to tell the story myself. When my mom lost her battle with cancer and I wound up in a kill shelter I thought I was a goner because I am blind and diabetic and my diabetes had not been regulated for who knows how long? The ketones in my urine was a very bad and potentially fatal sign of just what a sick little girl I was. DRNA to the rescue THE VERY DAY I WAS SUPPOSED to be euthanized. After staying overnight in the ER a rescue angel DRNA foster picked me up and delivered me to my precious foster mom. There is actually a team of FOUR DRNA reps and fosters supervising my care now. I must be pretty special! But anyway, I was bloated, had patches of thin hair, they were (and maybe still are) worried about Cushing's, my breathing was labored, my blind eyes were itchy and hurting and I was urinating too frequently. The vet increased my insulin, and Foster Mom has put me on a strict insulin schedule. I got an antibiotic for breathing and some salve for my eyes. On the way home from the vet I proved that I am a true dachshund whether I can see or not...I leapt across the back seat of the car and stole a bag of Cheez'its from the unsuspecting four year old human having a snack. Just a short time later I am told that I look like a different dog! Note the after and before pics...that last one was taken in the shelter all the others are the New Improved Happy Well Cared For Maggie. My bloating is gone, my eyes look better, and I feel GREAT...so great that I smile in my sleep. I might not be able to see those cars that drive by the back balcony but I can hear them and I am gonna make sure they can hear me. Woof. I love my DRNA foster mom team and I love you for reading this story and helping with my expenses if you can!