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Story submitted 2017-03-07
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If you know doxies, you know we get toof problems. My fwend Ethel Merman and I came into rescue because our people didn’t wuv us. We don’t feel reals goods cause our mowfs are yucky wif decay. We take antibiotics and pain pills every day cause we hurt and got stinky bref. (foster mom tinks she is hiding em in peanut butter but we knows dey in der) We needs some money to pay da toof vet cause da rescue runned short wif last doggies dat needed help. Foster mom said somfin’bout oral surgery to repair fistulas and take out lotsa teef. Her and da vet worry cause our jaws are weak and might need wired for support. We don’t likes da sounds of dat but if it will make da hurt go away we will go wif it.We can make appointments as soon as Foster mom wazes two thousand dollars. If youza help we can find people to wuv us and take us to der house.

--WEEGARDS, Sissy and my fwend Ethel

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