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Sadie and her Three little boys need help! Tag #12184
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Note: All donations will go directly to this dog's medical care.

Story submitted 2017-02-27
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4/27/17 Update: Sadie is ready for adoption! But she will need a special home. Her jaw is a bit misaligned from the accident and surgery. She has a bottom canine hitting the roof of her mouth. But right now it's not causing any problems. And may never will. But it may need addressed in the future. So she may need dental surgery later on and want to make sure her new adopter can handle that. Her puppies have adoptions in process. We just need to find the perfect ho.e for her. 03/13/17: Sadie has to wear her tape muzzle for another week. But she has been doing great. The puppies are thriving too. They are adorable. Update: 02/28: Surgery has been done. And we picked up Sadie and her puppies. All are doing well. Sadie has her muzzle taped and can only have liquids or tube feedings. But we are so thankful for all the support.
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During the dog attack, Sadie and her puppies were severely injured. Two little girl puppies passed away from their injuries. Sadie sustained a badly fractured jaw in several places, as well as lacerations on her nose and mouth. Poor sweet tiny Sadie who only weighs 8 lbs. tried everything to protect her babies. It's both heartbreaking and horrific that this was let to happen.
Owner could then not care for Sadie and her remaining puppies, which are three tiny adorable little boys. DRNA stepped in, and with the help of several people we got Sadie and her three boys transported to VA.
Sadie is now undergoing surgery to repair her broken jaw at Springfield Veterinary Referral & Surgical Center. She will also have a feeding tube inserted through her neck into her esophagus in case she can not eat after surgery. Puppies will have to be bottle fed till Momma is able to nurse them again.
All in all, it's going to take a lot of work, time, patience, prayers and money to get this little family through this crisis. We hope you can help us.

Thank you, we will try to keep you updated as much as possible.

Sadie with broken jawSadie and boys.Poor SadieLittle Nike.Sadie with her puppies after being discharged.Hungry puppies.Sweet girl.Sadie so proud of her boysSadie so proud of her boysGrowing boysSadie, back to her beautiful self.