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Michaelangelo, McDreamy! Tag #11863
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Story submitted 2017-01-04
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Michaelangelo (“Mikey”) came to DRNA in July, 2016 with his brother Leonardo (Leo) from a shelter in OH. Mikey and Leo were both very skinny and their coat and teeth were in horrible condition. Mikey was also heartworm positive. The treatment for heartworm is extremely expensive and can run anywhere between $1000 - $1500 for a “normal” treatment plan. When Mikey went in for his first injection he had an anaphylactic reaction and his condition was very touch and go for a few hours, requiring him to stay at the vet’s office for 24 hours to be monitored. After much discussion with the vet and a specialist, it was decided that in Mikey’s best interest not to continue with the injections and switch to a slow kill method. This method requires a considerable amount of medication to kill the heartworm and increases the timeframe from 3-4 months to 6-7 months, as well as additional cost.

As of today, Mikey is doing awesome!! He is a character and is ALWAYS looking for a lap to cuddle on!! He LOVES to snuggle and give kisses. Now that he is feeling better, we found he LOVES to fetch, while his brother, Leo barks at him!! Mikey will continue this treatment plan until his heartworm test is negative. Once, his test is negative, he and his brother will be ready for adoption.