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Little Bit needs Therapy Tag #11700
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Story submitted 2016-04-12
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Little Bit came to us from as shelter in Southern Indiana, She was down when she came in and this tells us she has been down at least 18 weeks. We started conservative treatment right away, this has helped this precious little girl some. We have found a clinic that is very reasonable to work with us on cost to do laser and acupuncture & chiropractic. We do believe this is going to help Little Bit. This little girl is determined to walk again, she tries right now, but very wobbly. Little Bit is a spunky little girl, she loves everyone. Her personality alone is the greatest!! Little Bit is toy crazy, he foster mom is always getting her new toys. Please consider donating to Little Bit, she so deserves our Help.
Update 04/16/16 LB has had her second acupuncture. She has gotten stronger with this. We are all praying she will be less wobbly with each treatment. This little sweetheart has so much energy & so in love with all her toys.
05/23/16 Update LB is doing wonderful she is walking and running in the yard. She only going for therapy every 3 weeks now. LB is playing with toys and enjoying her life. I feel she is ready to go into her forever home in a few weeks.
Update 08/04/16 What a little determined little girl! She is still receiving acupuncture treatments, 6 with electrical charges and the last 2 with just pins. She is slowly but surely becoming stronger in her use of her legs but still, at this point, displays a wobble in her walk in her hindquarters. She still needs her bladder expressed about 3 times a day, sometimes if greatly excited she will dribble if not expressed. She is walking on the pads of her feet much better now and really pushes on the feet/legs as she works on walking up the ramp to the sofa. It is something to see her scamper to her place at eating time! All her little legs are on the MOVE!! What a little charming & funny character she has become!!! Vet makes no predictions on how much more she will improve but it is certain what treatment she has had has done a world of good!
She still continues to need your donations to continue her success. She would gladly lick your face to Thank You!!! if she could be there
Update 08/29/16, Little Bit is doing great. the acupuncture and chiropractic is really helping Little Bit, she now only goes every 6 weeks. This little girl has come so far. DRNA could sure use help with these sessions.
UPDATE: 11/04/2016 Little Bit has strengthened her back legs enough to climb her special designed ramp to sit on the sofa. She is now going out the doggy dog to potty more because we think she has more feeling in her bladder than before. Still, when she's gets tired or greatly excited her bladder can leak. She is still on the "every 6 weeks" timeline for her acupuncture treatment. Thank you for your continued support!

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