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Bubba - Fee waived for 60+ adopter #12081
Dog Information
Color: Red Coat: Smooth Special needs dog? No
Pattern: None Gender: Male Sanctuary dog? No
Size: Standard Weight: 31 lbs Spayed/Neutered? Yes
Age: 8 Years Category: Senior
State: MD - View more in MD
Added: 2017-02-01

Raisin, Jake, Bubba and Micro are a family of four red smooth dachshunds that have always been together, and do everything together. Raisin and Jake are mother and father and Bubba and Micro are their adult children. Their owner died recently and his brother contacted us to help this little family find homes. Even though the owner's wish was that they all go to a home together, we know that isn't practical but we do want to place them as pairs so they have a doggie friend they know in their new forever home. However, if you would like to adopt an instant family of four, we would be thrilled! And if you are 60 or older, there would be no fee as they are considered seniors. I know that four dogs seems like a lot for someone, but they are all so easy going that it's almost like having one! However, my main goal is to have them all adopted into loving homes, so I'm ok if we need to place them in pairs. They are all wonderful dogs: very gentle, very sweet and very loving. Their owner raised many dogs having a kennel at one time, so the dogs have been very well trained. They are paper trained, very well behaved, listen, come when called and very easy going, mild tempered and friendly. ****Applicants must be willing to travel to Ellicott City MD (10 miles south of Baltimore) to meet and adopt Raisin, Jake, Bubba and Micro or just a pair of them! The best pairings are Jake/Micro and Raisin/Bubba. Adoption fee waived for adopters 60 and over!****

Vetting Information
• Rabies (3 year) 2015-02-12
• Heartworm Tested 2017-01-09
• Distemper Combo - NO Lepto 2017-01-09
• Wellness exam 2017-01-09
Other Things To Know About This Dog
• Bonded Pair - Must be adopted with: Raisin - Fee waived for 60+ adopter #12080
• Must have fenced yard
• Needs dog buddy
• No small children

Want to know more about Bubba - Fee waived for 60+ adopter? Email foster family at ann_donnawell@comcast.net