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Daisy #12007
Dog Information
Color: Black Coat: Smooth Special needs dog? No
Pattern: None Gender: Female Sanctuary dog? No
Size: Standard Weight: 30 lbs Spayed/Neutered? Yes
Age: 6 Years Category: Adult
State: IL - View more in IL
Added: 2017-01-28

Daisy spent six years with her elderly owner, until her death. During those years Daisy had no socialization. She had never been around other animals and only had limited access to people. The owner's daughter took Daisy in after the owner's death. This did not go well, because Daisy did not like the chickens on the daughter's farm. Daisy was then placed into our rescue. She came into our foster home, with four other dogs, and was terrified. She didn't know how to play with the dogs, and ran screeching from the room.
Besides being a gentle dog, she is a great eater and totally housebroken. But if there has to be a negative in this story, it is Daisy's attempts to run away. We have a six foot privacy fence, and she has dug her way out twice.. After finally figuring out what she was doing, we were able to fix things so she couldn't get out again. Each time she got out, we were able to see her but she wouldn't come to us. On each occasion, after about five hours, she came back through her hole and scratched at the patio door. She came back on her own. The little booger!!
Daisy is doing soooo much better. She no longer hides from us although we still have to be very gentle with her. After all the dogs go out one last time at night, she runs into our room and jumps in the bed. She has learned to like cuddling with us. Feeding time is a joy. She gets so excited and jumps on her back legs. She runs in circles around the dining room table until we put her bowl down on the floor. And the biggest accomplishment is that she has a dog friend. She has bonded with our other foster and they love chasing each other and sharing a chair for an afternoon sunning.

A SECURE fence is a MUST and quiet surroundings.

This sweetie is a challenge, but well worth it. Can you be that home that will give her the love she needs?

Vetting Information
• Rabies 3 Yr 2015-05-09
• Heartworm Tested 2017-01-03
• Bordetella Oral 2017-01-03
• Distemper Combo - NO Lepto 2017-01-03
Other Things To Know About This Dog
• Must have fenced yard
• No small children
• Quiet home needed

Want to know more about Daisy? Email foster family at cougarprints@swayzee.com